Saint Paul

Dome of the Rock
"Mount Moriah"

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Conversion of Saul
Jesus Died on the Cross March 25, 
33 years after His Birth December 25.
Beheading of Paul
Saint Stephen stoned to death December 26,  9 months after Christ died on the Cross. Stephen was born one day after Jesus, and thus Stephen died at the age of 34 years old, on his birthday.
Coversion of Paul occured on 25 January, 1 year and one month after the stoning of Stephen.
Saint Paul spent the first year after his conversion, or the greater part of it, in journeying to Arabia and preaching the Gospel there.
34 A.D
34 A.D
36 A.D
Mary the Mother of Jesus and Saint John leave for Ephesus. January 5. Year 40 A.D.  
40 A.D
41 A.D
Saint James is beheaded by Herod on March 25, 41 A.D. 
36 A.D- 37 A.D.
Paul meets Apostle Peter and Apostle James the less in Jersualem less than a month after Mother of Jesus left for Ephesus.
40 A.D