The Sorrows Of Mary Manifested In Her Intercessions.

My daughter; (Daughter refers to Mary of Agreda) through the whole course of My life, I gratefully kept in mind the works of the Redemption, the Passion and death of My Son, especially after I had actually seen Him sacrificed upon the Cross for the salvation of men. I wish to draw your attention to the care and the continual exercises, by which I renewed in Me not only the remembrance, but the sufferings of the Passion. I desire that the knowledge of this will cause men to feel rebuke and confusion at their monstrous forget-fulness of the unfathomable benefit of the Redemption. O what a shameful, what a horrible and dangerous ingratitude of men is this! Forgetfulness is a clear proof of contempt, for one does not forget what one holds dear. What reason or excuse then can there be, that men forget the blessings they have received? That they should despise the love, which the Father has delivered over to death His only begotten Son? The charity and patience with which His and My Son accepted it for them. Even in the secular world, men are beholden to their benefactors; and when such thankful feelings are not forthcoming, men resent it, condemn it, and call it a great offense.

Lucifer and his demons, seeing so many souls oblivious of the sufferings of Christ, draw the following conclusions and say of such souls: “This soul does not remember or hold in esteem the benefit of God's Redemption and we are certain of gaining it over to our side; for the soul that is so foolish as not to remember such a blessing, will certainly not detect our wiles. Let us proceed to tempt and destroy it, since it is deprived of its strongest defense”. They zealously seek to blot out the memory of the Passion and death of Christ to excite contempt for the preaching or the conversation about it among men. They have succeeded to a great extent, causing dreadful damage to souls. On the other hand the demons are wary and fearful of tempting those who have accustomed themselves to the meditation and the remembrance of the sufferings of Christ; for from this source they feel issuing against them a force and influence, which often prevents them from approaching those who thus piously cherish the memory of the Passion.

I desire then that you imitate Me closely in the contemplation and the exercises of the Passion. You must keep alive the memory of the sufferings of My Son and satisfy for the injuries and blasphemies inflicted upon His Person. Seek as long as you live upon the earth, to compensate for the ingratitude and forgetfulness of mankind. Never let your remembrance of Christ crucified, afflicted and blasphemed be extinguished. Persevere in your exercises, never omitting them except in obedience or in a just cause.

The Sorrows of Mary

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